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  1. The North is a thematic overhaul mod for the city-building and survival game Banished. It includes a new landscape with realistic climate and sun pitches, typical ambient sounds, wild animals and resources, a set of buildings in Nordic style, new production chains, a reworked trading and happiness system as well as many small changes for a new game experience.
  2. For more than 50 years, The North Face has made activewear and outdoor sports gear that exceeds your expectations.
  3. The North was founded in October by four agents with decades of experience in the book world: not only as agents, but as booksellers and publishers – and even a writer. We’re a small agency, but we think our list of best-sellers and award winners shows that we punch above our weight.
  4. New North released it's latest talent recruitment piece, "More YOU in NEW", in December of More YOU in NEW highlights 8 attributes that top talent considers when making a career move. This publication perfectly captures the quality of life the New North region provides for those who call the New North .
  5. The North Face has been crafting quality outdoor clothing, backpacks and shoes for more than 50 years. Shop online and get FREE delivery on all orders.
  6. North definition, a cardinal point of the compass, lying in the plane of the meridian and to the left of a person facing the rising sun. Abbreviation: N See more.

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