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  1. an idea, opinion, or piece of information that is said or written: I'd like to discuss the first point in your essay. You made some interesting points in your speech.
  2. Prior to Point, service was sporadic and unreliable and the temptation to go back to satellite internet was tempting, but because of the superior service experience with Point Broadband we could not be happier. We would hardily recommend Point Broadband to any one, or any business.”.
  3. Point is a team of problem solvers passionate about fixing the housing affordability crisis. Nonprofits like the Center for Financial Services Innovation vouch for us, as do some of the most well-respected technology investors in Silicon Valley. Check if my home qualifies.
  4. Design, innovation, craftsmanship, creativity and high quality characterise POINT’s outdoor furniture. More than 40 outdoor collections to choose from, offering high-quality products where every detail is .
  5. PointClickCare helps LTPAC providers gain the confidence they need to navigate the new realities of value-based healthcare.

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