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  1. Opioids are a type of narcotic pain medication. They can have serious side effects if you don't use them correctly. For people who have an opioid addiction, their problem often started with a.
  2. Also known as “opioids,” the term “narcotic” comes from the Greek word for “stupor” and originally referred to a variety of substances that dulled the senses and relieved pain. Though some people still refer to all drugs as “narcotics,” today “narcotic” refers to opium, opium derivatives, and their semi-synthetic substitutes.
  3. narcotic (n.) late 14c., narcotik, "substance which directly induces sleep or allays sensibility and blunts the senses," from Old French narcotique (early 14c.), noun use of adjective, and directly from Medieval Latin narcoticum, from Greek narkōtikon, neuter of narkōtikos "making stiff or numb," from narkōtos, verbal adjective of narkoun "to benumb, make unconscious," from .
  4. Jul 24,  · US Adults Consume More Narcotic Drugs than the Rest of the World. The general term narcotic comes from the ancient Greek word for “stupor,” as drugs derived from the opium poppy have been known for thousands of years to ease pain, cause sleepiness, and lead to a relaxing, addictive high that dulls the senses. Modern narcotics include opium, and all opioids .
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  6. Narcotic Lyrics: So you face it with a smile / There is no need to cry / For a trifle's more than this / Will you still recall my name? / And the month it all began? / Will you release me with a.
  7. While not as over-the-top as Dwain Esper's MANIAC or as professionally made as his MARIJUANA: WEED WITH ROOTS IN HELL, NARCOTIC is a unique film experience. It has a jumpy, elliptical style--sometimes the next scene may be a few days after the prior scene, sometimes a few months or even years/10().
  8. Definition of narcotic (Entry 1 of 2) 1 a: a drug (such as opium or morphine) that in moderate doses dulls the senses, relieves pain, and induces profound sleep but in excessive doses causes stupor, coma, or convulsions.
  9. Narcotic, drug that produces analgesia (pain relief), narcosis (state of stupor or sleep), and addiction (physical dependence on the drug). In some people narcotics also produce euphoria (a feeling of great elation). A brief treatment of narcotics follows. For full treatment, see drug use.

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