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  1. It is my goal to eventually have all officers and soldiers listed on this page. Until then, please look at your soldier's regiment from the Armies page to see if we have more information on that regiment.
  2. the colonel after a few weeks passed. Ironically Joe Divine and John C. Vaughn commanded troops with similar names in opposing armies. Both command companies in the regiments named or later named the Third Mounted Infantry, and both were organized in Monroe County, Tennessee. Vaughn and Divine are not typical soldiers of the Civil War.
  3. Dec 18,  · Colonel John A. Pattee-Old Catville Quadrille - Duration: Colonel John A. Pattee-Old Money Musk Quadrille - Duration: Old time musicians play fiddle tune "Fort Smith" - Duration.
  4. Colonel John Peasley (Guilford County NC Militia), dispatched by General Sumner, arrived with a company of at the close of the battle. Colonel Joseph Williams, Surry (now Forsyth) County Militia, lived a short distance from the battle site, heard the battle in .
  5. Sep 15,  · Colonel John S. Mosby, The Grey Ghost John S. Mosby was a successful attorney, and with the outbreak of the Civil War, he enlisted in the 1st Virginia Cavalry. He quickly moved up through the ranks, and eventually raised his own partisan unit. At first a battalion, his prowess and charisma allowed him to recruit it up to a regiment.
  6. Capt. George Moffett's Company, mustered at the mouth of Kerr’s Creek near present day Lexington, Virginia. Here they came under the command of Colonel John Dickenson and marched to Point Pleasant by way of Big Savannah (Lewisburg) and Walker’s Meadows. Also during this year Capt. John McCoy's Company marched to Edmund West’s Fort located on Hackers Creek near Jane Lew, West Virginia.
  7. Jan 26,  · Sands, Samuel ; ensign in Colonel Robert Curry's battalion of associators, Stinson, Elijah; ensign in Colonel Joseph Hart's battalion of the flying camp from Bucks county, Scott, John; lieutenant, in the Bucks county battalion of the flying camp, under Colonel Joseph Hart, and in the battle of Long Island, August 27,
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  9. Sep 03,  · A Union Colonel later wrote that "they had gathered a force greatly outnumbering ours. They had artillery and cavalry, and a large band of Indians for swamp fighting." Grierson Raid was next. He charged thru the heart of the old Indian nation and even destroyed property found at the Indians base of operations--Newton Station.

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