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  2. cTrader Automate functionality allows automating your trading process by using the cBots and improving trading by using the Indicators. The cBots are custom configurable strategies that can execute trades independently without human control or monitoring.
  3. cTrader Trading cTrader offers advanced trading capabilities with fast entry and execution, asynchronous order processing, level two pricing, a full range of advanced order types, as well as an abundance of information to support risk management and help investors make smarter trading choices. Fast Entry and Execution.
  4. cTrader has a solid ecosystem of integrated third-party solutions making it quick and simple to deploy and connect with any existing business.
  5. Aug 18,  · cTrader Copy, the social trading investment program offered by Spotware, has been added by one of the company’s clients – Scandinavian Capital Markets, a Swedish foreign exchange broker, Spotware announced earlier this week.. The social trading platform, which was launched as an improved replacement of cMirror, allows investors to copy the strategies of professional traders.
  6. Ctrader is a trading platform developed by Spotware used by many forex traders and brokers. For a trader to access the forex markets and trade online they will need to use a trading platform or software. Trading platforms act as bridges between a trader and the forex market allowing them instant access from any location.
  7. cTrader offers a clean and intuitive trading experience, suitable for both professional and novice traders. A full range of executable prices are provided directly from Tier-1 liquidity providers, with no dealing desk intervention, allowing you to receive the lowest and tightest possible spreads. cTrader ECN Trading Platform Features.
  8. cTrader adapts to your trading style, giving you a full range of options that will satisfy your trading needs. You can trade directly from the Market Watch or TradeWatch using cTrader’s QuickTrade interface. Alternatively you can trade through order screens, chart context menus, or directly from the chart (Chart Trading).

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